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Amdega Brands Ltd is the leading Veterinary Wholesaler and exporter of veterinary pharmaceuticals worldwide.

Amdega’s customers include practicing Veterinarians, Veterinary retail outlets, Sporting Clubs, Veterinary institutions, Veterinarian run welfare concerns, Research Institutes, Veterinary Wholesalers, Shelters, Aid Agencies, and State Veterinarians.

Amdega carries the broadest range of Veterinary products possible and offers its customer base access to products at competitive prices. It prides itself in the nature, diversity, quantity and volume of product it can export. In essence, Amdega carries or has access to all products which are used and required by its Veterinarian working in any filed be it practice, research, sporting clubs etc.

The product categories carried by Amdega are as below:

  • Companion Animal Pharmaceuticals
  • Large Animal Pharmaceuticals
  • Equine Pharmaceuticals
  • Veterinary retail products
  • Poultry Pharmaceuticals
  • Game Pharmaceuticals
  • Human products used in Vet practice
  • Disposables
  • Diagnostics
  • Surgicals
  • Instruments
  • Pet Accessories

Amdega’s management is committed to ethical business practice and is passionate about its business, its customer base and the market in which it operates. Amdega’s biggest asset is their staffs who are committed to service excellence and who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the products which Amdega carries.